Allied Tactical Airpower in Normandy

An online outline of British/Commonwealth doctrine for tactical air power in Normandy.


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2nd TAF Order of Battle

Organization Chart of 2nd TAF

No. 2 (Bomber) Group. The element within 2nd TAF dedicated specifically for the light bombing role was No. 2 Group. This force of 12 squadrons was equipped with Bostons, Mitchells and Mosquitos, and was intended for attacking targets in the German's rear, primarily their lines of communication.

No. 83 (Composite) Group. The two composite groups were the formations of fighter-bombers specifically organized for responding rapidly to the Army's calls for air support. No. 83 Group supported 2 (British) Army.

No. 84 (Composite) Group supported 1 (Canadian) Army.

No. 85 (Base) Group was equipped predominantly with Mosquitos, and consisted of 17 night fighter squadrons. Their intended primary role was guarding 21st Army Group against night bomber attack by the Luftwaffe. In the event, the Germans mounted so little an air threat against the invading Allied armies, that 85 Group was used primarily as a light bomber force.

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